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Numbers behind Kerber

One of the greatest professional tennis players of all time is not only using her hard work and passion to achieve her goals. In fact, she is embracing the technological side of Tennis. That's right, Angelique Kerber is using special analytic systems to become a better player. Fissette, Kerber's Coach, is one of a number of leading coaches on tour who has embraced the WTA's partnership with SAP, the Germany-based enterprise software company. This system uses Hawk Eye technology and the umpire's score pad to produce special statistics from the match play. After matches, coaches can consult the Tournament Performance Centre tool to get even more detail. These details include average serve speed, serve bounce location, and much more. Kerber says, "Before we had this, I went to watch matches with a piece of paper, and I was putting dots where the first serve landed and stripes for the second. Now we have this, within 20, 30 minutes, I can look at the stats of one player, let's say, of all their matches on grass, on hard court. I can look at 10 different matches and compare them." This system truly is revolutionary and has the ability to change the face of tennis as we know it.

What are your opinions on this new take of tennis. Is it spoiling the authenticity of the sport? Decide in the comments section below.

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