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Federer Outruns Time Once Again

Though some may say that the Swiss great Roger Federer is near the end of his career, there can be no doubt that Federer is also at the top of his career. At age 37, he is moving like a man 10 years younger and has a sparkling 18-2 record this season. After his 6-1, 6-4 victory today against John Isner, he is the 1st man in 2019 to win 2 singles titles. When time came for Federer to claim his prize and trophy at the ending ceremony, Federer shook hands with the tournament director. That tournament director was James Blake, one of Roger's former tour rivals who is now 39 and long retired. Comparing Federer's newest win along with his age against James Blake, shows the persistence that this 37 year old Swiss star has. After todays's victory against Isner with straight sets, it is hard to believe that Federer has any signs of stopping his majestic career. What are your thoughts about Federer's remaining career? Leave your thoughts and comments down below.

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