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Sofia Kenin and Coco Gauff Astonish!

As 2020 fires up, new players have already started to surprise us tennis enthusiasts. In fact, we saw one just today, where Sofia Kenin won the Australian Open final, after defeating Garbine Muguruza in a 3 set thriller. Tennis isn't only changing on the men's side. New players are paving their paths up in to the top 50 and upsets are happening left and right.

Another prodigy, Coco Gauff, managed to defeat former world number 1 Naomi Osaka. At a young age of 15, Gauff has received many compliments from renowned players like Serena WIlliams and even Pliskova.

As for the men's side of tennis, the epic final between 2 of the greatest players of the sport is set to happen tomorrow. The GOAT (Roger) reached the semifinals and lost against Djokovic after experiencing pain in various parts of the body. Even though he was injured, he refused to retire and played the entire match. Zverev and Thiem had their own 4 set battle in the semifinal, where Thiem emerged triumphant.

Essentially, new players are emerging in the WTA and the ATP. The time of the Big 3 is over and 2020 will bring new opportunities to newer players. Leave your thoughts and comments down below.

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